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StorageShopUSA has developed 15 storage condo projcts throughout Wisconsin. The entire development process can be steamlined by the use of "effective development tools".

First and foremost there is the "study course" - the Storage Condo Development Manual - it provides the foundation. Combine that with the development guide and a step by step procedure, and you are on your way to working through a development project.

So far, the financial committment is little to nothing compared to the next steps - selecting a site and getting it approved.

Today, the site plan review process for most cities, towns, and villages requires a lot of information - this costs money - and you don't know if it will get approved!

I always do a "Conceptual Site Plan Review" before I spend $8000 to $15,000 on building plans, site plans, engineering, surveying, etc, etc.

A conceptual design package is the answer.

Before I get into details of the "conceptual design package", I want to give a summary of the "very simple and straight-forward" reasons we exist and make products and services available.

  • Become “the resource” for storage condo information – for buyers and developers
  • Produce and provide “development tools” to assist buyers and developers
  • Provide a forum to encouraging buyers and developers to “add insight and contribute” new information to this emerging industry.
  • Provide an opportunity for buyers and developers to “join” the storage condo development industry by subscribing to the industry trade magazine – “Storage Condo Insider”.
  • Promote the “expansion of the StorageShopUSA developments.”

That being said...

Here are a few observations with regards to the information on this site and the development tools.

  • First, we do not want to be some “sales” site – call it a “hand-up”-not a “hand out” site.
  • There is a significant amount of time invested in this site, the information provided, and to provide the development tools. The free information on the site alone is “priceless” when it comes to learning about the storage condo industry. It is the summary of 5 years and 15 storage condo projects – experience is everything.
  • The development tools are designed to provide efficiency, effectiveness, and assistance. They are not designed for everybody – pick them based on your strengths, constraints, and desire. At home, my son is the technical operations guy, I don’t even want to learn how to hook-up anything – I just need some assistance getting it done.
  • If you can get some information that can assist you with what you need - great. If you don’t see any benefits to the tools – no worries.
  • I use to be a big “do-it-yourselfer” except now a appreciate “efficiency” a little more. What I spend 3 hours on the golf range trying to fix, a coach can fix in 5 minutes. With age comes wisdom and time is money – its how we spend our time.

Getting back to the "Conceptual Design Package"...
Here is what it includes

  1. 22in by 34in full color picture of a completed StorageShopUSA facility (you can mount on poster board)
  2. 22in by 334in full color picture of a StorageShopUSA building
  3. A set of building plans (elevations and floor plans - 22in by 34in)
  4. Complete building cost breakdown

To put it all together you simply mount the pictures and plans on poster board. The only remaining thing would be to get a site plan prepared by an engineeer for your specific location - and you are ready to go!

  • They look professional
  • Your project is immediately associated with a successful development
  • It's super cost effective - an architect alone could cost $3000 to $8000
  • You can have the materials ready to go right away
  • You can use them over and over until you find the right location

The idea here is to "test the waters" and get a "yes" before actually getting a "formal yes". This is especially important since this is a new concept in real estate and plan commission memebers are cautious.

Regarding the site plan...

I would study the site design section, sketch your preliminary layout, and then, give it to the engineer to tie-up the loose ends - this should be no more than $1000.

The cost of the package is $450 - and worth every penny!

If you are interested, fill out the form below and I will contact you via email or by phone.

you may want to consider the consulting and licensing also

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