Storage Condo Development Manual

... or should we say a "workbook"

The Storage Condo Development Manual is a great start for working through the "learning curve" in this new exciting industry.

If you have not visited the about us page, now would be a good time to explore that.

Before we get into details of the "workbook/manual", I want to give a summary of the "very simple and straight-forward" reasons we exist and make products and services available.

  • Become “the resource” for storage condo information – for buyers and developers
  • Produce and provide “development tools” to assist buyers and developers
  • Provide a forum to encouraging buyers and developers to “add insight and contribute” new information to this emerging industry.
  • Provide an opportunity for buyers and developers to “join” the storage condo development industry by subscribing to the industry trade magazine – “Storage Condo Insider”.
  • Promote the “expansion of the StorageShopUSA developments.”

That being said...

Here are a few observations with regards to the information on this site and the development tools.

  • First, we do not want to be some “sales” site – call it a “hand-up”-not a “hand out” site
  • instead.

  • There is a significant amount of information and time invested in this site. The information and developemnt tools come from 5 years and 15 storage condo projects worth of experience – experience is everything. The free information on the site alone is “priceless” when it comes to learning about the storage condo industry.
  • The development tools are designed to provide efficiency, effectiveness, and assistance. They are not designed for everybody – pick them based on your strengths, constraints, and desire. At home, my son is the technical operations guy, I don’t even want to learn how to hook-up anything – I just need some assistance getting it done.
  • If you can get some information that can assist you with what you need - great. If you don’t see any benefits to the tools – no worries.
  • I use to be a big “do-it-yourselfer” except now a appreciate “efficiency” a little more. What I spend 3 hours on the golf range trying to fix, a coach can fix in 5 minutes. With age comes wisdom and time is money – its how we spend our time.

Moving on to the development tools…

Storage Condo Development Manual

It’s not a book – it’s a “workbook/manual”. It includes the following:

  • All the information on this site “organized and readily accessible” – we are not always at the computer and how information is placed on a website is not necessarily the way a simple technical manual is put together.
  • All the PDF files - Site plans, condo documents, building plans, etc. are not printable from the site.
  • Specific project costs and profits – a case study
  • Includes initial phone consultation
  • Price is $100 (not $99 – because it is worth every dollar)

If you think you are spending $100 for a workbook/manual – you’re wrong. You are buying 5 years and 15 projects worth of knowledge and experience.

There are no additional “freebees”

It’s the only one of its kind – "experience not theory".

This not an order - "it is a request to order"

A follow-up email or phone call will initiate a sales order. The development workbook will be available as a download very soon.

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