Storage Condos - "Ground Floor Opportunity"

Everything you want and need to know about Storage Condos

- the coolest real estate development and investment that has hit the market in the last few years,and it is here to stay.

Whether you are a buyer, builder, real estate investor, developer, appraiser, a do-it-yourselfer, or even a banker, you will benefit from the inside knowledge of Storage Shop Condominium design and development.

Call them garage condos, storage shops, warehouse condos, business bungalows, or even “man caves” but they are most commonly referred to right now as storage condos. They serve many uses such as boat and rv storage, car storage, personal warehouse space, contractor shops, small business office warehouse space, art studios, big toy storage etc, etc.

Many developments are actually branding their very own name. As owner of StorageShopUSA™, I have developed 15 locations in and around Wisconsin, sold over 100 units, and have another 150 units in some phase of development.

Here, you can access all the storage shop condo development information necessary to make informed decisions on buying, building, or developing.

You can get expert advice on site selection, building design, etc.

You can access building plans, construction plans, financial data, stay in touch with the latest trends within the industry, and most importantly, not try to “re-invent the wheel” when it comes to starting a development in your area. This all saves time money and energy as you explore the Storage Shop Condo concept.

There is huge potential all accros the country. Get plugged into this up and coming industry.

This website is designed to provide necessary and useful information for both buyers and developers. Use the information to work smarter - not harder and avoid costly mistakes.

Go into a storage shop real estate development with the answers - don’t guess at what buyers want.

Stay in tough with this expanding industry. Become part of the network of developers, buyers, and sellers.

These are all benefits you will realize as you tap into the knowledge and experience of the people who have successfully developed a storage condo project.

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