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That’s correct! If storage condo information is what you want, you have come to the right place. Let’s start with the basics of the storage condominium concept.

Why they are called “storage condos”

Actually, there are a variety of names you could use to describe these “storage condos” mainly because there are so many different uses. What are most important are the space itself, how it is built, the amenities, and the environment it is built in. The ”condo” part just adds the ownership to it.

Necessity is the mother of invention – people have come to realize that they accumulate “things or stuff” and they just don’t have the space to put it in their garage at home. They rent mini-storage; build an outdoor shed, park things at a friend’s pole shed or just plain “make do”. They dread the thought of remodeling their house so that the house looks more like a garage. What else can they do? The market figured out that creating a big box space, a storage – shop space if you will, that people could own would satisfy this situation. They call these units “storage condominiums” or “storage condos”.

At first, they were very straight forward design – looked like very large mini-storage buildings – not very glamorous but very functional. People became increasingly aware of the utility of these spaces. Storage condo information was hard to come by but over time, especially the last few years, storage condo developments have gained momentum. In fact, the utility of these spaces combined with the “condo craze” gave a whole new identity and excitement to these types of developments.

Developers created environments that attracted specific uses, added a personal ownership touch, and then named the developments to reflect a “buyer persona”. Developments such as:

cater to different personas but all have the common theme of “storage” and “ownership”. The building designs are tailored to the persona of the buyers and they use amenities to enhance the utility of the storage space. Storage condo information such as building design, construction, and site layout is more available today and helps create and shape the environments that attract buyers.

There are small differences in each of the developments. Download the Free buyers'guide as a tool to help you decide which “storage condo” is right for you.

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Who is buying and why

This storage condo information is most requested - buyers want to feel good about their purchase and developers want to know there is a market.

Many people want some nice clean heated space with a bath that was affordable – just so they can get their stuff out of the garage. There are many other stories out there that are similar. Experience shows that for one reason or another, people need the storage shop condo space. Buyers all want the same thing but for different reasons. Some of the common reasons people need storage condos are:

  • The deed restrictions in my neighborhood don’t allow boat/toy parking in the driveway
  • Zoning restrictions in and around the metro areas are not favorable for wanting to build an “outbuilding”
  • Land in these areas has become so expensive. Even if you found some land that would allow it, by the time you are done, you have spent way more money then you wanted to.
  • There are more 2 and 3 car families and the garage space is getting smaller and smaller.
  • Hobbyists have never been able to buy anything under $100,000

that's just a few... there's more

  • Small business owners keep renting space and have nothing to show for it.
  • People who own things don’t like to rent even if it costs a little more in the short run
  • “All I wanted was my own personal workshop”
  • “I don’t want to work out of my house anymore – I just need a small, simple, clean space with a bath, and I can store my boat”.

...and more - that's why they are selling

  • “I hate renting and I need something affordable”
  • “I want some investment property”
  • “I’m selling a building and looking to retire – need my own workshop”
  • A small business owner that wants to own property
  • “I want a nice little office, park my 4-wheeler, and work on my old car”
  • “I am sick of renting the maxi storage - need a place for my guys to work out of, and my wife wants to parking place for the motor home that has a dump station.”
  • “Everything is so expensive we thought we would never find something” (non-profit agency)
  • “The SBA was willing to fund a purchase but there is nothing under 100k”
  • “I am retired and need a place to put my stuff that is convenient.”
  • Need some storage space near their business.

Here are some of the other potential buyers

  • Condo buyers afraid to buy a condo because they don’t have a basement (storage) – buy less condo and get a storage condo around the corner – convenient.
  • Why build your house around your garage – get a garage condo
  • Having issues working from your basement, garage, or van? – invest in the comfort of an economical business condo under 100k. Hard to find rent cheaper than it would cost to own.
  • Combine the 3, 4, 8 storage places you rent into 1 well organized storage condo – and you own it! Maybe even rent the space to some friends for extra cash.
  • Thinking about making improvements to your leased space? – Think again – invest in your own business condo and reap the value and appreciation for those improvements.
  • If you own your business then why not own the real estate especially if it is under 100k.
  • Garage so full they can’t park their car inside
  • Are you sick off storing your boat in your friends rat infested barn because it is literally dirt cheap
  • You would probably use a second garage more than a second home.

People are craving and buying clean affordable space under $100,000 (most areas) they basically want a big garage commercially zoned they can utilize for both a business condo and a personal warehouse.

The Top 10 Reasons People Buy Storage Condos

Knowing some of the reasons why people buy is great but storage condo information such as "buyer personas" has become increasingly important to developing a successful project. What is even more crucial is staying on top on the trends of the industry.

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Where they are located

They will be everywhere very soon! - the storage condominium concept is a hot item!

There has been such an overwhelming and overdue response to this cool real estate concept that both buyers and developers are looking to do something in their own area. With more and more storage condo information coming out shaping the industry, it's inevitable that the storage condo market is either in your area now, needs more locations on the other side of town, or will be there in the near future.

Opportunity to take part in developing or simply investing in a storage condo project is on the rise. Site location is a bit more complex than it appears but there is one thing for sure…

“Human nature doesn’t change from state to state, city to city, community to community or person to person.” - maybe men to women - ha!

People have stuff, want to own real estate, and are always looking to improve their lifestyle. So simple but yet it is so powerful. So powerful that when a buyer walks through a storage condo for the first time, they are like a kid in the candy store – they hardly look at you but are focusing on what the space would look like or what they could do with the space. – There is definitely a feeling!

All across the country is where this concept is going. The list of developments will continue to grow because these projects fill a huge gap in the real estate market. Let’s face it; it’s just like office/warehouse industrial buildings except with a twist towards personal storage and ownership. Simple is genius!

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