Storage Condo Development and licensing

Why "re-invent the wheel"?

Don't get "blind-sided" with an unforeseen development issue

Recognize the "power of duplication"

These are a few things to consider when you venture out into a storage condo project.

StorageShopUSA is offering assistance with any and all phases of storage condo development.

If you have not visited StorageShopUSA website, take a few minutes to review our experience. Just click on the logo below to go to the main page.

Before we get into details of the "consulting and licensing"...

I want to give a summary of the "very simple and straight-forward" reasons we exist and make products and services available.

  • Become “the resource” for storage condo information – for buyers and developers
  • Produce and provide “development tools” to assist buyers and developers
  • Provide a forum to encouraging buyers and developers to “add insight and contribute” new information to this emerging industry.
  • Provide an opportunity for buyers and developers to “join” the storage condo development industry by subscribing to the industry trade magazine – “Storage Condo Insider”.
  • Promote the “expansion of the StorageShopUSA developments.”
That being said...

Here are a few observations with regards to the information on this site and the development tools.

  • First, we do not want to be some “sales” site – call it a “hand-up”-not a “hand out” site.
  • There is a significant amount of time invested in this site, the information provided, and to provide the development tools. The free information on the site alone is “priceless” when it comes to learning about the storage condo industry. It is the summary of 5 years and 15 storage condo projects – experience is everything.
  • The development tools are designed to provide efficiency, effectiveness, and assistance. They are not designed for everybody – pick them based on your strengths, constraints, and desire. At home, my son is the technical operations guy, I don’t even want to learn how to hook-up anything – I just need some assistance getting it done.
  • If you can get some information that can assist you with what you need - great. If you don’t see any benefits to the tools – no worries.
  • I use to be a big “do-it-yourselfer” except now a appreciate “efficiency” a little more. What I spend 3 hours on the golf range trying to fix, a coach can fix in 5 minutes. With age comes wisdom and time is money – its how we spend our time.

Enough about that...

StorageShopUSA offers a "Consulting Package and Contract Purchase Agreement"

You can click on the link and get a PDF file of the complete Agreement. It's a lot of legal stuff so I am going to summarize the basic concept.

  • There are 2 phases - consulting and licensing. You can't get the consulting without the licensing.
  • It is not a franchise - its just development assistance.
  • It is design to duplicate the entire development process - there is latitude for style and personal preference.
  • The cost is insignificant to the benefit you receive.

That is it in a nutshell...

Before you consider consulting, get your hands on the development workbook. It is a "must study" course.

When you combine the study course with a proven pattern and answers to your questions just an email or phone call away - that's a solid foundation. Besides, there is no shame in asking for assistance - it's just financially smart.

Here are a couple other things to consider...

What is your time worth? Imagine the efficiency!

Make informed decisions regarding the development - don't take the chance at guessing - even if it is an educated one.

Having somebody to consult with as things come up.

Obviously, you can't make a decision on consulting and licensing over the internet. Just fill out the form below indicating your interests and we will get back to you. There are other development tools available - visit each link to see if they can be helpful to you.

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