Building Plans for Storage Condos

... the only plans you'll need

When considering a storage condo development, you must pay careful attention to the building plans and costs.

You could be the best at site selection but if you don’t combine that with the most economical building design…

  • You will not end up with the most economical product – one that has immediate and recognizable value!
  • You make it harder to meet that all important price point buyers are subconsciously aware of
  • You make it easier for others to compete against your development – others will say to themselves “I can do it better and cheaper”

If that is not enough…

When you design a building that costs $5000/unit more than necessary (and you have 24 units) – you just lost $120,000! That is a big deal. If you think you can raise the price, read the section on “how to set the price of the units” – you may change your mind.

What does this mean?

Spend the time and energy putting together a building plan that nobody can beat. Understand the features that add the most value for the money spent. Read the section on building design to gain insight into the StorageShopUSA building design.

Review the final building plans and realize that they have been used for 15 projects (over 100 buildings) and work flawlessly. I spent the better part of a year researching, reviewing, analyzing, and fine tuning the final product. Except for a few items, the plans remain the same today.

Type I design

building elevations

building sections

electric plan

floor plans

foundation plans

roof truss framing


Type II design

building elevations

floor plans

foundation plans

I don’t have to pay an architect a design fee every time I do a project. – I pay them to “seal” the construction plans and do a quick “site layout” review – that’s it.

The good news…

You can utilize the same plans for your storage condo project.

At some time in the process you will have to decide on a building design. The full (construction level detail) plans can be purchased for $700 (the typical cost of a residential house plan). Copies of the CAD files are an extra $250. They come with a complete materials list and cost estimate including all the trades (electric, plumbing, etc) the only caveat to that is you can only use them to build one building at any one location.

When the buildings are grouped on a property, they represent the licensed StorageShopUSA prototype. I can’t afford to have a project look like a StorageShopUSA development when in fact it is not licensed legally.

So where is the value?

  • First, if you choose to proceed with a developing a licensed StorageShopUSA facility, a credit will be given. Consider the power of duplicating a successful pattern.
  • Next, the plans can be used as a starting point in creating your own design – mind you I have spent a great deal of time perfecting this one – it may be hard to beat. Consider choosing the path of least resistance.
  • If you are considering alternative site designs (multi-unit metal building, concrete “tip-ups”, or even pole sheds, you have a solid means for comparing costs and determining the best way to proceed.
  • Lastly, use them to study the features, benefits, and costs. Educate your architect - it's a whole lot cheaper to tell your architect what you want then to have him create something - what do they know about storage condos. You see, we design and build "storage condos" - architects design "buildings". Buyers buy "storage condos" - not buildings. Coaching your architect should also save you more than you spend on these plans.
  • If all else fails, build an outbuilding for your friend, neighbor or yourself - that’s of course if the local zoning allows it.

Anyway you add it up,it’s economical and efficient. Fill out the form below to request a set of plans. I will follow-up with an email or phone call with instructions on how to complete the order.

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