Site Evaluation Process condo development

Site Evaluation Checklist

This checklist is designed to compliment the storage condo development manual. It is important to get the detailed information and explanations from the manual. This checklist keeps you track so that you don’t overlook a crucial aspect of development and/or analysis.

Preliminary site information

Zoning classification – what is permitted

Survey – basic lot dimensions, any easements? General topography – gentle slope is best Evaluate what developments are next to it – is there a “nice fit” What utilities are available? Is there an architectural review process or a planning commission approval requirement? Is the land on the lower end of the price range for its “sub-area” Is the land “too” cheap? What are the rents and the prices of commercial properties in the immediate area? Do the restrictions and covenants affect the design and development costs? How is storm water handled? Are there any wetlands, storm ditches etc?

Review the site selection process again and ask these basic questions: Generally does it meet the criteria? What items have you identified that could pose the biggest problem/cost/design issues, etc Can the cost to own a unit compare to renting and does the estimated price produce a “wow” factor Is there a review process that involves a discretionary decision by the local authorities? Would you shell out your cash for unit in this location – don’t take this lightly!

Ready to go to the next level

Sketch up a preliminary site plan concept. Review preliminary site plan with local authorities/departments • parking spaces • setbacks • traffic patterns • fire lane/hydrant • open space • building size • permitted uses • condominium plat

Evaluate in more detail the storm water requirements. You may have to rely on an engineer. Estimate the design and construction costs Perform a “field survey” – visualize building locations, drive isle, etc

Perform a wetland delineation if necessary Have the water and sewer infrastructure marked. signage requirements /hwy 51 exposure proposed utility locations and costs preliminary grading plan – soil balance environmental issues building materials permitted use – CDA/Tif #3 / increment requirements landscape plantings / business park covenants and restrictions and association fees preliminary title work / easements , etc soil study review re condition report

building inspector report • fire exiting • class/use – personal storage and use • ADA accessibility • Wall ratings based on layout • GFI protection • Romex vs conduit • Lighting diagram • State approved plans

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