... What's the purpose?

Inside Storage Shop Condos was created as a tool for developers and buyers across the U.S. who wants to learn more about the “storage condo” industry.

Every industry benefits from the collaboration of information, experience, and knowledge brought together through associations, trade magazines, seminars, and networking. The emerging storage/shop condo industry is no different.

As a start to forming the storage condo association, I have put together this website detailing an “inside look” at the StorageShopUSA™ developments. StorageShopUSA has 15 locations throughout Wisconsin and sold over 100 storage condo units.

As the owner of StorageShopUSA, I have provided the information contained in this website. Obviously, the information might reveal a more biased view on how storage condo developments should be put together. However, I fully expect and appreciate input from others. This site contains opportunity for experienced developers to continuously add input. As this site grows in both information and user input, it will become the “hub” for storage condo information – an excellent resource for both buyers and sellers.

The information disclosed on this site comes from an extensive reflection and study of what made the StorageShopUSA development so successful. It is backed with research, statistics, experience, and knowledge. Nowhere can you find this kind of information and insight into the storage condo industry. – at least not for free.

Eventually, the industry will strengthen, an association will be formed, and products and services will be available as “tools of the trade” for buyers, sellers and developers.

Inside Storage Shop Condos serves as a catalyst to that development. Enjoy the site, check back often, subscribe to the “Storage Condo Insider” and contribute as you see fit.

Gregory A. Thompson

StorageShopUSA, owner

1980 - 1986 University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI B.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering.

1987- 2009 Real Estate Construction and Development

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